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Medical Necessity Checking
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Solventus presents this diverse, highly useful set of tools as a demonstration of the power and flexibility of our Aquifer™ application framework, the foundation of all of our web-based applications. These tools are fully integrated into Aquifer.EMR.

Aquifer.EMR Web-based EMR/EHR System
Take your practice digital! Aquifer.EMR is one of the only truly web-based EMR systems available. Because it's web-based, all you need to use it is an Internet connected device with a standard web browser. Communications are fully secure with HIPAA approved 128 bit SSL encryption. Additional hardware and software never needs to be installed at your office.

Full-featured and affordable. A simple rule governs the jungle of EMR products (aside from Aquifer.EMR). The most full-featured EMR systems are so expensive that they are accessible only to the largest group practices. But the lower priced EMR systems have a feature set so spare that, at best, they can only be used as an adjunct to paper charts, not a replacement. The EMR customer has to struggle to find the right compromise, and selecting a system that can satisfy clinical needs while still providing a return on investment is perilous. Aquifer.EMR changes the equation. It provides a feature set that is competitive with higher end systems, and subscription based pricing that is competitive with the lower-end systems. Learn more...

Free your data while  keeping it secure. Solventus has solutions that provide healthcare enterprises such as hospitals, labs, radiology centers, and outpatient clinics with a secure, web-based, mobile gateway to their existing HL7 compliant systems. The Aquifer™ application framework allows multi-ancillary order entry and result reporting, alert generation, online appointment books, and more. Learn more...
At Solventus, we will always stand completely behind the quality and value of our products and services. These aren't just idle words. Our sales and pricing model is designed so that we must continuously earn your business. Here's how we do it:
No licensing fees - Solventus uses subscription based pricing which substantially reduces or eliminates up-front costs
Minimal or no setup costs
Free 60 day trial period
No commitments or service contracts required
Clear, inclusive, bottom-line pricing
No exit barriers - we will provide a complete XML-based  copy of all of your records at no cost should you ever wish to discontinue using Solventus' products.